Saturday, July 10, 2010

A PoEm..


Late at night when everyone is dreaming
I am lying on the bed, just wondering
Looking at the stars as they shine and blink
They are so beautiful, it is so amazing..

I can fell the coldness, coming from outside
Just like the way i am feeling, deep inside
I turn to look at you, resting by my side
It make me wonder, how happy I am to live this life.

You are  a falling star in the starry night
You are the moon, when I needed some light
You were the image, when I lose my sight
You are my armour, you are my knight.

Hold me close in your arm, for you have only another change
Tomorrow will be a different story, so catch my last glance
Wake up, sleeping beauty, and dance our last dance
Before I go to a place, where there is only remembrance.

I love you so much, and I don’t think I can face the last day
The sweet memories we had, I’ll treasure them every day.
Tomorrow will be the saddest day, tomorrow will be our separation day
Don’t be sad, my lover, because we will meet again someday.

Carry on with your life when I am not around anymore
Bear in mind that you will be in my heart forever more
We will again be loves when we meet, like we used to it before
I promise I’ll do better, I’ll love you all the time..
Katahatiku1 : this poem just n only for my BFF..i hope that you still remember this poem..
Katahatiku2: i found this poem 2 years ago..i still kept this b’coz i fall in love with it for the first sight i read this poem.
Katahatiku3: it’s is really meaningful..hope you guys who read this can give your comment.

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